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Showroom Malmö

Our History

Autoropa was started in 1934. The company's more than 70-year history offers some grains of gold such as aircraft sales and production of Hudson cars in the late 30's.

Hudson cars were shipped to Sweden from the United States into parts and then assembled in Autoropa's factory in Malmö. 1939 was the most productive year and 8 cars was assembled a day.

The company was already in the 1930s importer for Renault, and continued this after the Second World War. Over the years, Autoropa has also been a retailer and has an authorized workshop for several of top brands in the automotive industry!

Already in 1992, Autoropa was given the opportunity to start selling and servicing Ferrari. The owner at that time, Lars Wendel managed that opportunity well, and when Ferrari bought the Maserati rival 1998 in 1998, Autoropa became the retailer for another exclusive Italian sports car brand.

In March 2002, Wendel sold the enriched company to the brothers Filip and Jens Larsson, and thus gave a new life to Autoropa's showroom.

Ownership structure was strengthen with Martin Nelson and Håkan Nordh in August 2004, and in connection with this, Autoropa became only authorized Ferrari dealer in Sweden. At the same time, cooperation with the former importer Ferrari Deutschland and Autoropa were directly connected with the factories in Italy.